The Helper

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Your Power
Positive and practical supporter.
Your Potential
Taking the lead in the kitchen.
Your Kitchen Confidante
The Explorer or Maker
Whether you like to cook or hate to cook, you love food. As a Helper, you aren’t usually the one standing at the stove, but you’re always willing to offer an assist.
You wash and chop veggies. You’ll run out to the grocery store to find that missing ingredient. Or maybe you’ve got that one recipe that’s you signature thing. And dishes? You’ve got it covered. Your helpful nature is always welcome in the kitchen.
Don’t limit yourself in this role, kind Helper. Your greatest opportunity—and ultimate power—lies in building confidence to cook meals more often. Even if somebody else in your home loves cooking, you can both benefit from sharing the experience.
Seek out a motivated maker or passionate explorer to teach you some simple, delicious recipes, along with any cooking skills you’d like to kick up a notch. The people in your life already appreciate your help, but now they’ll have a true collaborator.
Your Power Tool
So easy to use, it goes on every cook surface—no matter what you make you can't mess up dinner.
Your Helper Tools
Food Chopper
For no-fail cutting.
A monthly subscription of seasonings and recipe cards to build your skills.
Your Recipes
Rockcrok® Recipes
Quick, easy, and delicious meals you’ll make again and again.