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'Address Name' is a nickname for where you want your order shipped. For example, an address name can be Home, Work, Neighbor, etc.

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    Why do I need to select a preferred shipping address?
  • We will automatically use your shipping address to ship your orders unless you enter a different one.

  • Why do I need to select a preferred billing address?
  • Your preferred billing address must match the address on your credit card statement or your credit card may be declined.
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  • Address Entry Tips
    • For 'City,' enter either APO or FPO. These stand for Army Post Office and Fleet Post Office respectively.
    • For 'State,' select the two letter code (AA, AE, or AP) for the region the recipient is stationed.
    • For 'Country,' always select 'United States of America' no matter where the recipient is stationed.
    • The remaining fields may be completed as normal.
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    • The Pampered Chef ships to APO/FPO addresses using plain packaging.
    • Noncontiguous APO/FPO addresses may experience a longer delivery time for orders.
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