Guacamole Kit

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Guacamole Set

New! Making guacamole for your next party or as a quick snack is a breeze with this kit. Our Avocado Tool lets you slice and pit avocados safely, our Guacamole Mix adds incredible flavor, and our 1-qt. Cool & Serve Bowl keeps your guacamole cool, so guests can enjoy it for hours. (If it lasts that long!)

Product Details

This set includes the following items (see individual product pages for more information).

Avocado Tool

  • If you love avocado toast or guacamole but find it a little scary to remove the pit, you can do it quickly and safely with this slicer and pitter.

Guacamole Mix

  • We’ve made this crowd favorite even easier—simply add the mix to a mashed avocado for an amazing guacamole that’s the talk of the party.

1-qt. (1-L) Cool & Serve Bowl

  • This bowl keeps your dips, salads, and desserts chilled up to 6 hours, even outdoors!

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