Brownie Pan Set

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Perfect Brownies

Lovers of brownie edge-pieces, rejoice! These two pans create light, crunchy edges for brownies, cakes, individual appetizers, little lasagnas, or single-serving meatloaves. This set includes the popular Brownie Pan, Brownie Bite Pan, and the Cake Tester & Releaser.

Product Details

This set includes the following items (see individual product pages for more information).

Brownie Pan

  • The Brownie Pan creates 12 corner-piece brownies. Great for desserts and appetizers, it’s perfect for portion control and make-ahead meals.

Brownie Bite Pan

  • Make 24 brownie bites from a standard brownie mix or turn your favorite desserts and snacks into small treats.

Cake Tester & Releaser

  • This dual-function tool lets you check cakes and breads for doneness with one side, then easily remove them from the pan with the other. Perfect for corners!