Basic Veggie Prep Set

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The Basics for Cooking Prep

This Basic Veggie Prep Set is a must-have for first-time homeowners, apartment dwellers, and college dorm kitchenettes. The set includes the popular Kitchen Paring Knife Set, the practical Flexible Cutting Mat Set, and the handy 3-Piece Peeler Set.

Product Details

This set includes the following items (see individual product pages for more information).

Kitchen Paring Knife Set

  • These favorites are perfect for cutting, slicing, and paring small food.

3-Piece Peeler Set

  • The Y peeler is a staple prep tool for fruits and veggies in restaurants.
  • This three-piece set includes a vegetable peeler, a serrated peeler, and a julienne peeler.

Flexible Cutting Mat Set

  • Perfect for light prep tasks like cutting vegetables and seasoning meat.
  • Each mat features information to help new cooks learn knife skills and techniques.

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