How does TasteBuds work?

With your TasteBuds subscription, you’ll receive three seasonings and recipes each month. You’ll also get access to tips, tricks, and flavor ideas via the TasteBuds Hub! As a subscriber, you’ll receive insider perks access to promotions, exclusive seasonings, and free shipping on pantry items added to your order.

TasteBuds subscriptions will ship separately from other Pampered Chef products if the subscription is ordered at the same time. If ordered between the 1st and 16th of the month, your TasteBuds order will ship soon after the order is processed, and you’ll get the current month’s delivery. If ordered after the 16th of the month, your TasteBuds order will ship at the beginning of the next month and you will receive the next month’s delivery.

For example, if you place an order on Oct. 7, your order will ship soon after processing and you will receive October’s delivery. If you place an order on Oct. 18, your order will process, but will not ship until the beginning of November and you will receive November’s delivery.

Where can I see upcoming seasonings and recipes?

Each month, you can find your upcoming seasonings and recipes on the TasteBuds Hub. Check on the first of the month to see what’s included in your upcoming delivery.

What can I do with extra seasonings?

Tips, tricks, and ideas for using your seasonings come with your TasteBuds subscription in the mail, and you can find more in the TasteBuds Hub! Use your seasonings to create new recipes and spice up sides, drinks, snacks, and more.

Can I skip or cancel my subscription?

You can skip a month or cancel your subscription any time.

If I cancel my subscription, where is my refund?

Refunds are not issued for cancellation. Cancellation only ends further renewals of the subscription.

How can I access insider perks?

TasteBuds subscribers get automatic access to insider promotions, exclusive seasonings, and free shipping. All pantry items and promotional discount items purchased between the 17th and 27th of each month will ship free with your TasteBuds subscription delivery.

How can I see ingredients or nutritional information?

All seasonings are dairy-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and are made without eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, or wheat, but are processed in a facility that manufactures products containing the above allergens.

Each month, you can find what’s in your next delivery by visiting the TasteBuds Hub and viewing upcoming recipes. Each recipe will tell you what seasoning is included, and you can click on the seasonings to learn more about their ingredients.