Rapid-Prep Mandoline

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Our Rapid-Prep Mandoline lets you safely slice, dice, julienne, and french-fry cut fruits and veggies in seconds. Simply select your cut, adjust its thickness from 8 thickness settings, and get prepping. Our mandoline’s stainless-steel blade cuts through tough veggies, so you can transform a variety of ingredients into beautiful slices.

And, you can cut ingredients with confidence—our mandoline is designed to safely keep hands clear of blades. When you’ve finished prepping, you can store the food chute and food pusher in the food catch tray and fold it flat, though you’ll use it so often, you may want to leave it on your counter!

Key Features

  • Designed to safely keep hand clear of the blades
  • Slice, French Fry cut, and Juliene cut with 8 thickness settings

Product Details

  • 5-piece set: Mandoline, food catch tray, food chute, food pusher, and Dual-Sided Cleaning Brush.
  • Stainless-steel blade
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • 13" x 5" x 5¼" (33 cm x 13 cm x 14 cm)


  • 3-year guarantee

Ways To Use

  • Turn the top dial on the back of the board to the desired cut style.
    illustrationFull slices illustrationThick julienne slices illustrationThin julienne slices
  • Turn the bottom dial on back of the board to the desired thickness. Each number represents the millimeter thickness. 1–8 mm = range of slice options
    illustration8 = perfect fry cut illustration4 = perfect julienne

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