Main Dishes

Host dinner parties, celebrate the holidays, or simply bring the family together for a home-cooked meal. Pampered Chef's main dish recipes offer easy dinner recipes and healthy meal inspiration for American food, Asian food, Italian food, and other cuisines from around the world. Browse vegetarian recipes, gluten-free recipes, pasta dishes, casserole dishes, and more now.

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Lazy Lasagna Chili

Preparing lasagna is no longer a time-consuming process when you have this tasty “chili” recipe at your fingertips.

Quick Black Bean Chili

This zesty, vegetarian chili is low in fat, while packing a nutritional punch.

Thai Shrimp Bisque

The delicate flavors of this beautiful bisque will entice the senses and transport you to distant lands.

Apricot-Glazed Chicken

This Asian-inspired grilled chicken, flavored with a subtle soy marinade, will become an instant favorite with just about everyone.

Bistro Steak & Potatoes

A mellow, blue cheese-flavored butter tops steaks for a meal that tastes like it came straight out of a chophouse.

Gourmet Stuffed Burgers


Favorite hamburger toppings can be found inside these juicy burgers.

Vegetarian Panini Sandwiches

These hearty grilled sandwiches can take on different flavors and characteristics, depending on the ingredients you put into them. It's up to you!

Fiesta Salad Turnover

Chock-full of ground beef, vegetables and a zippy homemade dressing, this simple turnover resembles a giant taco that feeds the whole family.

Easy Artichoke Pizza

A creamy Parmesan cheese sauce, artichokes and olives top this meatless crowd-pleaser.

Juiciest Roast Chicken

Our new Deep Covered Baker and flavorful seasoning mixture make roast chicken irresistibly moist.

Cider-Poached Chicken & Bulghur Wheat Salad

Bulghur wheat, which are wheat kernels that have been steamed, dried and crushed, gives this hearty salad nutty flavor and interesting texture.

Stovetop Grilled Pizzas

The convenience of refrigerated pizza crust makes this a great recipe to prepare with friends. Try other favorite toppings and let guests build their own creations.

Provençal Fish Stew

This simplified fish stew is flavored with garlic and tomatoes, two ingredients traditionally found in Provençal dishes. The fresh fennel adds a special touch.

Japanese-Style Wasabi Steak Salad

This exotic salad, featuring a nice textural contrast between rice noodles and crisp vegetables, uses part of the wasabi salad dressing as a marinade for the steak.

Tuscan Salmon and Bean Salad

This is a delicious example of a composed salad, in which ingredients are arranged rather than tossed together. In this case, each guest can build his or her own masterpiece.

Cheesy Chicken Chilaquiles


This Mexican classic, a mixture of tortilla chips, cheese, vegetables and meat, gets an update as a layered microwave casserole.

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