Homemade Yogurt

Thanks to the power of the Deluxe Multi Cooker, you can make rich, creamy yogurt to your liking—without the additives—at home with the press of a button.


  • 8 cups (2 L) 2% milk
  • ½ cup (125 mL) plain unsweetened yogurt with active cultures


  1. Add the milk to the inner pot of the Deluxe Multi Cooker. Select SEAR on Low and heat the milk until it reaches to 180–185°F (82–85°C), 20–25 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent skin from forming. Press CANCEL.

  2. Let the milk cool to 105–115°F (41–46°C), about 1 hour at room temperature. Stir as needed to keep skin from forming. If any forms, skim it off.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk ½ cup (125 mL) of the warm milk into the starter yogurt. Pour the mixture in the inner pot and stir well to blend.
  4. Cover and select YOGURT on Med. Set the timer to 8 hours or up to 12 hours for tangier yogurt; press and hold START.

  5. Once the timer is up, press CANCEL. Gently spoon into storage containers without stirring. Chill before eating. Serve with fresh fruit, if you’d like.


  • 8  servings of 1 cup (2 L) 

Cook's Tips:

The thickness and creaminess of the yogurt depends on the milk you use. If you use skim milk, the yogurt will be a little thinner.

Don’t add anything other than sugar and vanilla before culturing. Anything acidic, like fresh fruit, can be added right before serving.

For Dairy Alternative Yogurt: Replace the cow’s milk with an equal amount of canned coconut milk or homemade nut milk (store bought nut milks have added preservatives that won’t allow the cultures to grow). Just follow the same procedure and add ¼ to ½ cup (60-125 mL) of tapioca starch when you whisk in the yogurt starter.

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