the perfect option for busy people

Enjoy a fun and interactive online experience. Your consultant shares product, cooking, and recipe tips, and sometimes even games where guests can get free prizes. Everyone logs in from the comfort of their own homes to participate and shop.

Ready to get social?

Book A Party  



your consultant helps with all the details!

Pick the date & start time
Some parties run for a week, with consultants posting throughout that time. Others last about an hour. Work with your consultant for the best day and time.

Get ready to respond
Virtual parties thrive on interaction. Hosts lead the fun by replying to the consultant’s posts. This gets guests involved and clicking!

Set your guest list
Since the party’s online, guests can log in from anywhere, so invite friends no matter where they live.

Enjoy your party and your rewards
Relax and mingle while you earn free, half-price, and discounted products. Plus, anyone who places a minimum order gets a free gift.