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Host a Pampered Chef Cooking Show

We lavish you with rewards!

And just for having your friends over to learn a new recipe and shop.

Be a Host! A Cooking Show is a fun, easy and affordable way to get together with friends and family. And, you’ll love the personal service that a Pampered Chef® Consultant provides.

Pampered Chef Party
  • Your Consultant will help you choose a convenient date, write your guest list and send your invitations.
  • You pick a recipe and provide the ingredients.
  • Your Consultant comes over and does the rest!
  • Your guests get to try our great kitchen tools and learn a recipe they’ll love.
  • You get FREE, half-price and discounted products!
Host Special Offer

Host a Pampered Chef show

Your friends will thank you for a great time. You’ll be rewarded with a special thank-you from us!

Check out the current Host Offer »

Ready to host your own party? Find a consultant online or call (800) 266-5562.

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