Deluxe Stand Mixer FAQ


What’s the wattage?

500 Watts

What materials is the Deluxe Stand Mixer made of?

The initial test run helps you get familiar with your Deluxe Stand Mixer, including the sounds it makes, how it looks when it’s mixing, and what buttons to press.

What materials is the Deluxe Stand Mixer made of?

The outside materials are:

  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel

The accessory materials are:

  • Beater: Glass-filled nylon and silicone
  • Dough Hook: Cast aluminum with nonstick coating
  • Whisk: Cast aluminum coupler and stainless steel whisk tines
The silver plate with the PC logo came off the front of the Deluxe Stand Mixer. Is it broken?

No, the Deluxe Stand Mixer is not broken. The plate will snap back into place.

Does the Deluxe Stand Mixer come with a shield?

A. No, but the Deluxe Stand Mixer Pouring Shield (#100867) can be purchased separately. .

Settings & Functions

Why doesn't the +30 Seconds button work after 10 minutes of consistent running?

The maximum run time of the Deluxe Stand Mixer is 10 minutes, so time cannot be added after that. We recommend waiting 10 minutes before running another cycle.

Recipes and Use

Why does the Deluxe Stand Mixer Head move up and down while mixing?

This may happen when mixing a heavy load, like bread dough, and is considered normal. If this happens, we recommend opening the open/close lever with one hand while the other hand is on the mixing head. This takes stress off the mixing head. Note: Never open the mixer while mixing.

How can I ensure my food turns out correctly using the presets?

In most cases, the presets will mix your food to the desired consistency. However, some other factors may affect mixing like ingredients and volume. You may adjust the mixing time on your preset according to your recipe. Time can be adjusted in each preset, but speed cannot.

How can I ensure the head closes after attaching the Scraping Beater?

Make sure the mixer is off and unplugged. Install the Scraping Beater according to instructions in the use and care. If the mixer head won’t close, rotate the beater slightly to a different location on the mixer head then try closing.