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Staying Sharp

When we launched our forged cutlery line in 2006, it was on the cutting edge—tapered blades, ergonomic, and unbelievably sharp kitchen knives. As technology has changed and improved, so have our knives, and our new fully-forged cutlery collection is unequivocally best in class. Our Chef’s Knife, for example, is up to 40% sharper than other comparable knives, stays sharper for longer, and performs at the highest levels in both initial sharpness and edge durability. And that’s just the start. The one thing that hasn’t changed since we first introduced our forged cutlery, though? It still has a lifetime guarantee.

Sharper, Better, Faster, Stronger

We consistently hear from our customers that all it takes is one use and they’re hooked on our knives. We haven’t changed anything that makes them great. We focused on how to make them even better. The improved bolster optimizes weight and balance. Smarter elliptical handles give you better control and precision. New pakkawood handles combine the beauty of wood with the strength and durability of plastic. You can buy individual knives to update your current collection, or you can buy our entire new set, which includes six core kitchen knives, plus an acacia wood knife block, kitchen shears, and a user-friendly knife honing tool.



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Watch: Right Knife for the Job

Of the six knives in the new knife collection, which one works best for tough root vegetables? Or meat? What about tomatoes? If you’re one of those people who never uses all the knives in the knife block, you’re missing out. Watch this video, which gives you a quick primer on how to choose the right knife for the job at hand.



Kitchen Must-Have: Cutting Boards

A knife is of little value in the kitchen unless it’s paired with a durable, useful cutting board. The fully forged cutlery collection has the perfect complement: our new Wood Cutting Board. It's made of acacia wood and is reversible, with a flat side for serving, and a welled side with a pour spout for prepping. It makes a gorgeous addition to your kitchen, and looks great on your countertop even after the prepping and cutting is done.


More Reasons to Love the Collection

German Steel
Full Tang
Steak Knife Details
Best-in-Class Shears
Versatile Knife Block
Benefits of Wood
Grip Guide

Anatomy of a Knife

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The best-in-class tapered blade of our 8” Chef’s Knife starts sharper and stays sharper, letting you make precise cuts.

Grip Guide

The Pampered Chef logo on the 8” Chef’s Knife isn’t just for decoration. It’s a grip guide that shows you where to place your index finger and thumb when using it.


A specially designed bolster evenly distributes weight and keeps the knife balanced.


The ergonomic pakkawood handle is extra durable and gives you better cutting control and comfort.

Full Tang

Each knife in the collection is finely crafted from a single piece of fully forged, high-carbon German steel to give it strength and balance.

anatomy of a knife

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