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Taste the good life - independent sales consultant opportunities

Have the life you've always wanted with your Pampered Chef business. Earn money by sharing world-class kitchen tools, expert tips, and the best recipes—all on your schedule, your way, and totally customizable around your goals and desires!

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Taste the good life - become an independent consultant

BIG Business

Start your business in July, get the Rockcrok® Dutch Oven FREE, a $139 value!

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*Start your business in July and submit $1,250 in commissionable sales in your first 30 days to get your Rockcrok® Dutch Oven free. Most new consultants do this in just three parties and earn $300 in commission and $100 in free products.
BIG Business

dig into all the perks - home party business

earn extra income

Earn commission right away—20-27%! • Get a discount of 20% or more on products of your choice • Once–in–a–lifetime travel opportunities • Recognition for all your hard work

flexible jobs - a work from home business

Your Pampered Chef business is fit for the way you live • Determine your own schedule and the number of hours you work

Tons of training events (lots of them are free to attend!) to network with consultants from all over the country • Peers and leaders are available to support you and your new business

best home based business - run your own business

You're in business for yourself, not by yourself • The Home Office is behind you every step of the way with phone and email support • Consultant-only website filled with training, resources, recognition, and inspiration • For only $10 a month, you can have your own website and online business tools to run your business wherever you are


your questions answered

+ What's in the new consultant kit?

The new consultant kit contains*:

1-cup Prep Bowl (sample set of two)
Bamboo Small Snack Bowls
Bar Pan – Large
Batter Bowl – Classic
Brownie Pan
Chef's Silicone Basting Brush
Chipotle Rub
Cutting Board
Executive 8” Sauté Pan
Forged Cutlery – Utility Knife
Garlic Press
Manual Food Processor (includes lid)
Measuring Cups – Easy Read (2 cup size only)
Measuring Spoon Set
Medium Scoop
Microplane® Zester
Microplane® Coarse Adjustable Grater
Mini Measure–All® Cup
Mini Nylon Serving Spatula
Mix 'N Scraper – small
Pizza & Crust Cutter
Scoop Loop®
Season's Best®
Simple Slicer
Stackable Cooling Rack
Stainless Whisk

The new consultant mini-kit contains*:

Bamboo Small Snack Bowl (single)
Citrus Press
Color Coated Utility Knife
Cutting Board – Bar Board
Garlic Press
Manual Food Processor (includes lid)
Measuring Spoon Set
Medium Round Stone with Handles
Microplane® Zester
Mini Serving Spatula
Scoop Loop®
Season's Best®
Simple Slicer
Small Batter Bowl
Small Mix 'N Scraper®

*please note that contents of kits are subject to change without notice

+ How do I earn Money as a Consultant?

You can make 20% commission or more on your sales. Here's an example of how it works:

  • 2 cooking shows/week = more than $850/month
  • 3 cooking shows/week = more than $1,300/month
  • 4 cooking shows/week = more than $1,800/month

With just three parties, most new consultants earn $300 in commission and $100 in free products.

+ I don't know how to cook, can I still be a consultant?

Of course! Pampered Chef, not perfect chef. We're all about providing stress-free meals—so there's no cooking experience necessary. Our tools and recipes are fun and easy, no matter your level of comfort in the kitchen.

+ How does building a team affect my business?

When you help others start their Pampered Chef business, you build your team, and your income as well. When you recruit in your first 90 days, you're eligible to participate in the Fast Track to Director program and could earn up to $2,000! Check it out!

+ I have a full-time job, can I still be a consultant?

Yes! The best part about your Pampered Chef business is that you decide how much (or how little) time you want to spend working. You could just do a few shows here and there, or make a full-time career out of it, that's up to you!

+ What if doing live cooking parties isn’t my thing?

No problem...we know that traditional, lecture-style cooking parties can be a little intimidating for some people. But there are plenty of new options available! For those who still want to party in person without putting on a show, there's station-style. Guests test out products and prepare the recipe as they cycle through pre-determined stations (and as a consultant, you'd get to mix and mingle) Or, there's virtual parties—everything is done online, from inviting guests through collecting orders. You could do it in your PJs and nobody would be any the wiser!


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Your kit contains everything you need to get your business started! Which is the perfect fit for you?

pc kit

Demo tons of awesome recipes at your shows!
Valued over $600

Kit contents are subject to change without notice.

mini kit

Demo a super-easy, delicious dip with this streamlined kit
Valued over $350

Kit contents are subject to change without notice.

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