Rockcrok 4-qt. Slow Cooker Set

Item Number: 100850

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Slow Cook & Keep Warm

Cook on your own time with the Rockcrok® 4-qt. (3.8-L) Slow Cooker Set. This set includes the Rockcrok® Digital Slow Cooker Stand and Rockcrok® Dutch Oven, and even accommodates the Rockcrok® Everyday Pan. With two inset handles making transferring easy, you can use the set as a slow cooker or transfer your pan from stovetop or oven directly onto the stand to keep warm. Compact cord storage keeps your cabinet neat, and the digital display that allows for temperature and time adjusting keeps your cooking under control.


  • 2-year guarantee

Product Details

Rockcrok® Digital Slow Cooker Stand

  • Turn your Rockcrok® Dutch Oven or Everyday Pan into a slow cooker with the Rockcrok® Digital Slow Cooker Stand, letting you cook on your own time and easily transfer food to keep warm.

Rockcrok® Dutch Oven

  • This is the all-in-one cookware you need to feed a hungry crowd. It's perfect for cooking on the stove or grill, or in the broiler, oven, or microwave.