Quick Cooker Starter Set

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Start Pressure Cooking

Get ready to fall in love with pressure cooking! Our Quick Cooker Starter Set has everything you need to get started.

The set includes the Quick Cooker, a glass lid to use with the Quick Cooker when using the slow cooker or proofing settings or for sauteing and storing food, a Ceramic Pot that lets you cook a side along with the main dish in your pressure cooker, and a pair of Mini Oven Mitts to protect your hands.

Product Details

This set includes the following items (see individual product pages for more information).

Quick Cooker

  • Pampered Chef's Quick Cooker is a 16-in-1 pressure cooker that includes settings for cooking rice, proofing, and slow cooking. Comes with a glass lid to use on non-pressure settings.

Quick Cooker Ceramic Pot

  • Perfect for one-pot meals in your pressure cooker. Make the main dish in your Quick Cooker and a side or grain in this pot.

Mini Oven Mitts

  • Keep your hands safe in the kitchen with these silicone oven mitts. Get hot foods out of the microwave, oven, or even the pressure cooker.


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