Rice Cooker Plus

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The Rice Cooker Plus lets you cook side dishes like pasta, potatoes, veggies and (of course) rice in the microwave. It’s even an easy way to make your oatmeal in the morning! The exclusive lid design cooks your food and prevents boil-overs, so your microwave stays clean. You’ll use it every day!


  • 10½" diameter with handles; 6¼" high.
  • 3-qt. capacity.
  • Makes up to 9 cups of rice per batch.
  • As food cooks, water bubbles up into the small center hole and is circulated back into the rice cooker. No boil-overs, ever.
  • Includes base, inner lid, silicone ring, outer locking lid.
  • Rice and potato cooking directions are included with cooker.
  • Keep the lid on to keep food warm longer.
  • For microwave use only.
  • Dishwasher-safe.

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