Medium Rectangular Baker

Item Number: 1422



Smaller servings of lasagna, chicken, and vegetables fit perfectly in the Medium Rectangular Baker. Or make family favorites that are normally made in 8” or 9” square pans in this versatile stoneware pan. The built-in handles make it easy to remove the stone from the oven without touching your food.


  • 7” x 11” baker. 
  • 8-cup capacity.
  • Unglazed interior, graystone-glazed exterior. 
  • Serve right from the stone—no need to dirty another dish.
  • No preheating—just place food on stoneware and cook. 
  • Amazing heat retention. 
  • Baked goods turn out light and crispy, and meat stays tender and juicy. 
  • Won’t retain oils, odors, or flavors. 
  • Nonstick seasoning builds up with every use: the darker it looks, the better it cooks! 
  • Microwave-, freezer-, and conventional and convection oven-safe to 450°F. 
  • Pan scraper included for easy cleanup. 
  • Made in the USA. 
  • Hand wash.
  • Three-year guarantee.

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