How to Decorate with a Trifle Bowl

How to Decorate with a Trifle Bowl

A trifle bowl is a lovely way to serve up all of your favorite dessert recipes, but with a little imagination it can do so much more. Here are a few fun ways to turn your trifle bowl into a festive and functional centerpiece.

Flower Vase

Grab a bouquet or two of your favorite blooms and arrange them in the bowl. To hide the stems, try filling the vessel with rocks, fruit, or even crushed ice. Not much of a florist? No worries. Decorating your table with a few vases that have the same flower in the same color creates a pretty, modern look.

Candle Holder

A trifle bowl makes an ideal candle holder when you’re in need of some ambiance. Just place the detachable base inside the bowl, put your favorite candle on top, then fill around the base with any festive decoration—try marbles, wine corks or nuts. Tip: go for an unscented candle at the dinner table so it doesn’t interfere with anyone’s enjoyment of the food!

Ice Bucket

Make it the centerpiece of your drink station. Mini bottles of wine or champagne look just plain adorable displayed in the bowl.

Classic Centerpieces

Let your creativity run wild and turn a trifle bowl into a festive centerpiece. For fall, try filling it with apples or dried wheat. Closer to the holidays, switch out the decorations with things like ornaments, tinsel, candy canes, or even mini evergreen trees.

Drinks & Appetizers

Let the bowl perform double duty. Serve food you wouldn't normally serve in a Trifle Bowl, like a layered salad, party punch or even ice cold shrimp cocktail. It makes a great visual impact that doesn't require any additional decoration. Beautifully presented food speaks for itself!


And of course, who can resist digging into a trifle dessert when it’s on the table?
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