I don’t know a Pampered Chef consultant. How do I find one?

We’ve got you covered. Click Find a Consultant at the top right-hand corner of Pampered Chef’s website. Complete the requested information to connect to the consultant’s website, then click the Contact Me button in the top right corner. Fill out the brief form and the consultant will get in touch with you. You’ll be hosting in no time!

Who can host?

Anyone! Whether you have a growing family, set a table for one, or live to entertain, consider hosting your own party. Our high-quality products help make mealtime prep easier and faster.

What kind of party is right for me?

Hands-on, cooking class, virtual, dinners of the world, kids in the kitchen, salad & sangria, fundraisers—you have lots of options. Team up with your consultant to pick your date, time, theme, and menu. No matter what type of party you choose, you’ll have fun seeing new products, learning a recipe, and earning lots of rewards.

How long does a party last?

Most parties last about an hour, whether they’re in person or virtual, excluding time for guest orders. Just talk to your consultant about what you can expect.

Why should I host a party instead of just shopping online?

First, parties are fun. Second, you’ll get rewards, including free, half-price, and discounted products. Plus, every month there’s a new host special on top of your other host rewards. Your guests get free products or discounts with a minimum order too.

Will my guests have fun? I don’t want them to feel obligated to buy just so I can get rewards.

No one knows your guests better than you, so your consultant will partner with you to offer the kind of gathering they’ll enjoy. Whether it’s an in-home or virtual party, everyone gets cooking and recipe tips, and with a minimum order, they can also get a free product. With hundreds of products to choose from, your consultant will show you how to make food prep simple and quick. Microwaving a pizza? We’ve got a product for that. Dinner in 30 minutes? We’ve got a recipe for that. Creating a holiday buffet? We’ve got a plan for that. Plus, we offer a large selection of products that cost $10 or less. We want your guests to have fun at your party, not feel pressured to make purchases or share contact information if they’d prefer not to.

Who should I invite?

Invite friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and Facebook® friends. If your friends are scattered across the country, consider a virtual party. If you’re new to your area, a Pampered Chef party is a great way to meet the neighbors.

My place is small. Can I still host?

Absolutely! As long as you have a table or counter space for your consultant to set up, and places for your guests to stand or sit, you’re ready for a cooking party. No oven or microwave? No problem! Consultants have no-cook and grill recipes to share. If you’re really worried about room, consider a clubhouse, private restaurant room, your back yard, or local park. Or host a virtual party—everyone logs in from wherever they are and there’s no extra room or cleanup needed.

Is hosting hard?

Hosting is simple and fun. You plan the party; your consultant does the work. Determine the kind of party you want, the guest list, and, your menu (if it’s a cooking party). An online host dashboard lets you easily email invitations, see who’s responded, and remind guests they can shop online if they can’t attend. The day of your party, get set to open the door and welcome your guests. If you’re hosting a virtual party, log in a few minutes before the party gets started and encourage guests to ask questions, play games, and get involved. There’s no obligation to buy a certain amount of product or share friends’ contact information.