DIY Gifts

Gifts that come from the heart make celebrations even more special.

Mini Cakes, Big Smiles

Easily create professional-looking edible gifts at home using the Mini Cake Gift-Making Set.

Small Batter Bowl

Layer all the dry ingredients
for your favorite cookies.


Cookie Gift-Making Set

A box of homemade cookies
is always a sweet gift.


Stainless Steel Whisk

Fill it with small candies for
an adorable and thoughtful gift.


Mini Pie Gift-Making Set

Everything you need to make
your own mini pie gifts.


1-Cup Prep Bowl Set

Make chocolate candies and
put a few into each Prep Bowl.


Silicone Spoon Mold

Make yummy cookie spoons
and pair them with cocoa.


Fluted Chocolate Mold

Make professional-looking
chocolates, candy, and more!


Mini Cake Box Set

Place a homade treat inside and
decorate the box for a personal touch.



Baked treats make the best gifts.