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Ultimate Peppercorn Burgers

Ultimate Peppercorn Burgers
These bistro-style burgers are designed to be cooked until well-done, yet they are juicy and flavorful. How? A bread “paste” lends incredible moistness.
1   small onion
1   tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil
2   slices firm white sandwich bread
1/3   cup (75 mL) milk
1   tbsp (15 mL) Crushed Peppercorn & Garlic Rub
1   lb (500 g) 85% lean ground beef such as chuck
4   onion rolls, split
   Additional toppings such as steak sauce, sliced tomatoes or cooked bacon (optional)
  1. Heat Grill Pan over medium heat 5 minutes. As pan heats, slice onion crosswise into 1/2-in. (1-cm) rings using Chef's Knife; brush with oil. Cook onion 2-3 minutes on each side or until grill marks appear and onion is tender. Remove from pan; tent with foil and set aside.
  2. As onion cooks, remove and discard crusts from bread; tear bread into pieces. Combine bread, milk and peppercorn rub in Stainless (4-qt./4-L) Mixing Bowl. Mix until a smooth paste forms. Sprinkle ground beef over bread paste and mix gently until incorporated.
  3. Form meat mixture into four thin patties, about 4 in. (10 cm) in diameter. Grill patties 3-4 minutes or until grill marks appear. Turn patties over using Jumbo Slotted Turner; cook 3-4 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 160°F
    (71°C) and patties are no longer pink in center. Transfer burgers to paper towel-lined plate.
  4. To serve, place burgers in rolls. Top with onions and serve with additional toppings, if desired.

Yield: 4 servings

Nutrients per serving: U.S. Nutrients per serving: Calories 510, Total Fat 24 g, Saturated Fat 8 g, Cholesterol 80 mg, Carbohydrate 42 g, Protein 29 g, Sodium 890 mg, Fiber 2 g

U.S. Diabetic exchanges per serving: 3 starch, 3 medium-fat meat, 1 fat (3 carb)

Cook's Tips: We recommend using 85% lean ground chuck for best flavor and tenderness. Other types of ground beef such as ground round can be substituted.

If desired, 3 garlic cloves, pressed, 1/2 tsp (2 mL) salt and 1/2 tsp (2 mL) coarsely ground black pepper can be substituted for the peppercorn rub.