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Be a Consultant

Start your business for only $79.50!

Who: Anyone who joins in April*

When: April 1-30, 2015

What: A 50% rebate toward the cost of the New Consultant Kit or New Consultant Mini Kit

Why: Start your own business for only $79.50 with a 50% kit rebate when you join in April. The New Consultant Kit has over $600 in products and business tools to help you start your Pampered Chef® business strong!

Or, choose the New Consultant Mini Kit for only $49.50 after rebate.

Get the Details

*New Consultants must submit $1,250 in commissionable sales in their first 30 days. The average new Consultant does this in just three Cooking Shows.


The Pampered Chef Opportunity

Still Deciding?

Hear more about our opportunity and ask questions!

Call (630) 261-3537 to hear the many benefits of a Pampered Chef® business.

Or, register and join us for one of our live opportunity calls held once a month on the following Tuesdays at noon and 7pm CT to get all your questions answered. Call 712-432-1500 and enter access code 803432#.

Our registration link can be found on our corporate Facebook page the day before the call.

Apr 21 May 19 Jun 23
Jul 21 Aug 18 Sep 15
Oct 20 Nov 17 Dec 15


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