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3 Cordless Prep Tools in One

Slicing, chopping, grating, pureeing, emulsifying, mixing, and blending doesn’t have to be time-consuming or frustrating. With the Flex+, you get three complete cordless, time-saving prep tools in one: an immersion blender, 6-cup (1.5-L) food processor, and a hand mixer, so you can quickly, effortlessly, and safely whip up whatever you’re making, anytime, anywhere.

Just click the power handle to one of the attachments, choose a blade (food processor) or beaters/whisks (hand mixer), pop on one of the batteries, and you’re ready to go. We’ve included two rechargeable batteries to give you about 60 minutes of total run time.

The power handle has push-button control for comfortable one-handed operation. Five speeds (three for the hand mixer) easily adjust during use for flexibility and control. Indicator lights show how much battery life is left and the speed you’re using. A safety lock prevents the Flex+ from accidentally turning on.

Immersion Blender

Big jobs or small, its slim size, stainless blade, and cookware-safe design means you control the texture of the foods you blend. You’ll enjoy smooth soups and gravies, and all kinds of sauces such as pesto, tomato, chimichurri, barbecue, dressings, marinades, mayonnaise, milkshakes, and smoothies.

6-cup (1.5-L) Food Processor

Get fresh flavor in a flash without breaking a sweat. Choose one of the three blades based on what you’re making. The multiuse blade can cut foods to the size and texture you want, even purees. The grating blade is reversible so you can coarsely or finely grate fresh ingredients in no time.

Hand Mixer

A baker’s and breakfast maker’s best friend. Mix, beat, incorporate, and whip together eggs, batters, meringues, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, frothy egg whites, and more.

Product Details

  • Includes the power handle, two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, charging station, immersion blender attachment, blending container with lid, hand mixer attachment, two beaters, two whisks, food processor attachment (bowl & center post, lid with gear box & splash guard) food pusher, reversible grating blade, reversible slicing blade, multiuse blade, and a cooking guide.
  • Immersion blender: 17" (44 cm) | 6-cup (1.5-L) food processor: 17" (44 cm) | Hand mixer: 13½" (34 cm)

How to Clean

  • Dishwasher-safe: immersion blender attachment, blending container and lid, beaters, whisks, food processor bowl and center post, splash guard, food pusher, multiuse blade, reversible grating blade, and reversible slice blade.
  • The food processor gear box can be handwashed if it isn’t submerged.
  • Wipe clean: power handle, hand mixer attachment, rechargeable batteries, and charging station. Only use a dry cloth on the battery and charging station connectors.


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