Ice Cream Making Set

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Make Ice Cream at Home

New! Available beginning June 1. When you make ice cream at home, you get to skip the lines at the store and choose your own ingredients. Make traditional vanilla, or get creative with flavors like Chai Toffee Chip, Honey Butter Shortbread, or your own inspirations. This set includes the Ice Cream Maker and an Ice Cream Spade.

Product Details

This set includes the following items (see individual product pages for more information).

Ice Cream Maker

  • Create your own ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, and frozen drinks any time you want. You'll have a frozen treat in 45 minutes or less.

Ice Cream Spade

  • This Ice Cream Spade is perfect for spreading ice cream into storage containers and making customized ice cream at home.


Coffee Ice Cream

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