Burger & Slider Press

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Up your customization game with the Burger & Slider Press. Whether you use beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, veggie burger mix, or prefer stuffed burgers, this handy press lets you make burgers and sliders at home. Change up the meat, seasonings, and toppings for burgers that are 100% your style! The uniform size means your burgers will be evenly cooked.


  • Burger base creates patties up to ½ pound.
  • Slider insert creates patties up to 3 oz.
  • 4½" burgers and 3" sliders fit perfectly on store-bought buns.
  • Dual-sided press creates a “dimple” that keeps burgers flat while they cook.
  • Flexible base makes it easy to remove pressed patties.
  • Pieces nest for compact storage.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • One-year guarantee.

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