Forged Bread Knife

Item Number: 1055



The serrated edge of our Forged Bread Knife is beautifully crafted to cut through crusty bread, delicate cake and even tomatoes. Use a sawing motion and just a little pressure, letting the knife do most of the work, and you’ll have perfect, un-squished slices.


  • 9” blade. 
  • Finely crafted of fully forged, high-carbon German steel for a perfect edge and sharpness, stain and corrosion resistance, and superior strength and durability. 
  • Full tang for strength and perfect balance. 
  • Tapered blades for precise cutting. 
  • Ergonomically contoured, chip-resistant handles for a comfortable grip. 
  • The storage cover (included) will keep your hands safe and protect your knife. 
  • Lasts for a lifetime—it’s guaranteed. 
  • Hand wash.

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