Stone Bar Pan Meal Set

Item Number: 100330


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Hello, Simple Sheet-Pan Dinners

New! Available 10/1. We've added Kentucky Hot Browns to our list of favorite comfort foods. Our bar pan also makes the best flatbread pizzas, roasted chicken with freshly sliced veggies, and so much more. For dinner in a hurry, how about loaded baked potatoes with a big green salad?

This set includes our new, better-than-ever Stone Bar Pan, a Food Chopper, Simple Slicer, Wood Salad Bowl, Pizza & Crust Cutter, and a recipe card.

Product Details

This set includes the following items (see individual product pages for more information).

Stone Bar Pan

  • Get ready to make ooey-gooey bar cookies, sheet-pan dinners, and reheat crispy pizza or last night’s leftovers that taste better on day two!

Food Chopper

  • The Food Chopper uniformly chops veggies, nuts, and cooked meat. The flexible cap doubles as a chopping board and keeps the food in place.

Simple Slicer

  • Easily cut fruits and veggies into perfect slices with a simple back and forth motion.

Wood Salad Bowl

  • This large salad bowl, made of handcrafted acacia wood, is designed with high sides to make it easy to toss together a beautiful salad or side dish and serve it in style.

Pizza & Crust Cutter

  • This is an upgraded version of a typical pizza cutter because it also has a crust cutter! The two-in-one tool can be used to cut other foods as well


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