Blueberry Crêpes with Star Anise Syrup

Homemade crêpes are simple to make and can be wrapped around sweet or savory fillings.


  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons melted butter plus additional for greasing
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
    Syrup and Filling
  • 1 orange
  • 1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar, divided
  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon Double-Strength Vanilla
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries
  • 4 whole star anise (see Cook's Tip)


  1. For crêpes, whisk together egg, milk, flour, 2 teaspoons of the melted butter and sugar in Small Batter Bowl; whisk 30 seconds or until smooth. Cover and refrigerate batter at least 30 minutes.

  2. Heat (8-in.) Sauté Pan over medium heat until hot. Lightly brush pan with additional melted butter. Pour scant 1/4 cup batter, immediately tilting and swirling pan to cover entire bottom surface of pan. When crêpe starts to bubble and edges start to brown, loosen edges with Small Nylon Turner and turn. Cook 1 additional minute or until lightly browned. Remove from pan. Repeat with remaining batter for a total of four crêpes. Stack crêpes between sheets of Parchment Paper; set aside.

  3. For syrup, zest orange using Microplane® Adjustable Grater to measure 1 teaspoon zest; set aside. Juice orange to measure 1/4 cup juice. Place juice, 1/4 cup of the sugar and star anise in (1.5-qt.) Saucepan; bring to a boil. Remove from heat, cool 5 minutes. Remove star anise. Stir in zest; cool completely.

  4. For filling, combine cream, vanilla and remaining 1 tablespoon sugar; whisk until soft peaks form using Stainless/Silicon Sauce Whisk. Fill each crêpe with one-fourth of the filling and berries. Fold crêpes into quarters. Place two filled crêpes onto each serving plate; drizzle with syrup.


  • 2  servings

Nutrients per serving:

Calories 530, Total Fat 29 g, Saturated Fat 17 g, Cholesterol 200 mg, Carbohydrate 62 g, Protein 8 g, Sodium 105 mg, Fiber 2 g


U.S. Diabetic exchanges per serving:

 3 starch, 1 fruit, 5 fat (4 carb)

Cook's Tips:

Resting the batter after mixing will yield thinner, more tender crêpes. Although not necessary for release, brushing the pan with butter before each crêpe will add flavor and give it a lacy brown appearance. Look for edges of crêpes to curl up and lightly brown before turning.

Star anise is a star-shaped, dark brown pod native to China with a pronounced anise flavor. Star anise can be found whole in Asian markets and in larger supermarkets in the spice aisle. If desired, two whole cinnamon sticks can be substituted for the star anise.

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