Americano Coffee

Want to add extra pep to your step? Create this delicious coffee drink by combining hot water and espresso for the right boost of energy to get through any day.


  • 2   Nespresso® Original Pods
  • ½ cup (125 mL) hot water (about 190°F/87.8°C)


  1. Adjust the drip tray of the Deluxe Coffee Machine to your desired height and place a small mug on the tray plate.
  2. Place an Nespresso® Original Pod in the Nespresso® Pod insert, select the 2 oz. (60-mL) size option, and press start. After it chimes, let the insert cool; then remove and repeat with the second capsule.
  3. Place the hot water in a serving mug. Pour the brewed espresso slowly into the mug.

Cook's Tips:

Add more or less water to the mug to customize the intensity.

To create a beautiful crema, pour the espresso over the hot water.

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