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Portobello, Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Pizza

1/4   cup (50 mL) Garlic Oil or olive oil
2   tbsp (30 mL) red wine vinegar
2   garlic cloves, pressed
1   tsp (5 mL) finely chopped fresh thyme leaves
1/2   tsp (2 mL) salt
1/4   tsp (1 mL) coarsely ground black pepper
12   oz (350 g) portobello mushrooms (about 6 medium)
1   medium red bell pepper
1   10-oz (300-g) prebaked thin pizza crust
1   pkg (4 oz/125 g) crumbled goat cheese, divided
  1. Prepare grill for direct cooking over medium-high heat. For vinaigrette, whisk together ingredients in Small Batter Bowl. Reserve 2 tbsp (30 mL) in (1-cup/250-mL) Prep Bowl for serving.
  2. For pizza, remove stems from mushrooms with Paring Knife and cut bell pepper in half. Brush both sides of pizza crust with vinaigrette. Grill vegetables, covered, 8-9 minutes or until tender, turning and brushing occasionally with vinaigrette using BBQ Basting Brush. Remove vegetables from grill.
  3. Place pizza crust top side down onto grid of grill. Grill, covered, 1-2 minutes or until slighly browned and crisp. Turn crust over with BBQ Turner; top with goat cheese, reserving 1 tbsp (15 mL) for garnish. Grill an additional 1-2 minutes or until bottom of crust is browned and crisp. (Cheese will soften but not appear melted.) Remove crust from grill.
  4. Slice bell pepper into thin strips and mushrooms on a bias using Santoku Knife. Arrange mushrooms and bell pepper over crust. Drizzle reserved vinaigrette evenly over top. Sprinkle with reserved goat cheese, if desired.

Yield: 4 servings

Nutrients per serving: Calories 450, Total Fat 27 g, Saturated Fat 8 g, Cholesterol 30 mg, Carbohydrate 38 g, Protein 17 g, Sodium 810 mg, Fiber 3 g

U.S. Diabetic exchanges per serving: 2 starch, 1 vegetable, 1 high-fat meat, 4 fat (2 carb)

Cook's Tips: Watch the pizza crust closely. If the crust starts to brown unevenly, rotate it on the grill as necessary.

Look for prepared thin pizza crusts in the bread aisle of your grocery store.

Crumbled feta cheese can be substituted for the crumbled goat cheese, if desired.

If desired, 1/4 tsp (1 mL) dried thyme leaves can be substituted for the fresh thyme leaves in the dressing.